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How do I know if I am eligible?

Our CDDO staff will help you find out if you qualify, in accordance with Kansas developmental disability law. In general, you qualify as having a developmental disability if you have a mental and/or physical impairment that occurred before your 22nd birthday and that is likely to continue indefinitely. The impairment(s) must result in limitations in three or more specific areas of life functioning.  These areas are self-care, the understanding and use of language, learning and adapting, mobility, self-direction in setting goals, living independently, and economic self-sufficiency.   People whose only disability is mental illness do not qualify and are normally referred to community mental health centers.

We use a standardized assessment tool to help determine what services and level of financial support for which you may qualify.  The screening is simply a series of questions to identify things that you can and cannot do.

Your eligibility may change over time, so we review your eligibility every year, along with your funding needs.


Eligibility Determination

Eligibility Determination Application

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